How to get in


How to get in / useful information

  • To attend the party you need a membership in Oskrivet Kulturförening. We are a non-profit organisation. Therefor all money that goes in to the organisation will be used for the members aka future events.
  • If you can see this website, you are a member.
  • Normal pre-sale tickets cost 100 SEK, and in the entrance 120 SEK. Unless otherwise stated on the event page.
  • Drinks and cloakroom is not included in the price.
  • You cannot bring your own drinks, with the exception of water bottle.
  • Cloakroom is 20 SEK one time fee per person. If you wish to get something from your bag/jacket during the night this is without cost. We are not resposible for anything that gets lost outside of the wardrobe.
  • Members with presale will be prioritized in the entrance.
  • We do not guarantee entrance if you haven't got a presale ticket.